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¨Biostrap wristband and Shoe Pod are highly accurate and offer users features that are not available with other fitness trackers. Some of the features that make Biostrap unique are automatic activity identification and tracking and uses advanced PPG technology for highly accurate recording of Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Sleep Analysis. Biostrap SLEEP LAB allows you to record sleep data in extreme detail including recording snoring, arm, and leg movements.¨

- The Fitness Junky Blog / March 19, 2019

¨This Biostrap Review sees a realistic alternative to the popular and trendy WHOOP Strap 2.0 but with EVEN MORE features. What sets Biostrap apart are the: detailed analyses for sleep; HRV & SpO2 sensing; strength & conditioning learned activities; footpod for unique sleep insights (and running/cycling); team & family data sharing; and the report facilities to help monitor some chronic medical conditions.¨

- the5krunner / March 1, 2019