Terms and conditions

1. General

Biostrap Europe with associated domains are owned and managed by:

Medgear IVS
Engholm Søvej 6
7400 Herning

Email: eu @ Biostrap.com

VAT ID no. : DK39793709

Hereafter to be called Biostrap Europe.

Biostrap Europe is a webshop where the customer can purchase goods exclusively delivered by Biostrap USA LLC, as well as products from other companies.

The following conditions apply when agreeing a purchase agreement between Biostrap Europe and the customer.

Content of third parties

All trademarks belong to their rightful owners. Biostrap Europe may provide links to websites which are not controlled by Biostrap Europe. Biostrap Europe cannot guarantee that the content found on third party links linked via Biostrap Europe is accurate or up to date, neither that the websites follow the same privacy agreement and security measures as Biostrap Europe.

Changes in these terms

Biostrap Europe reserves the right to change these terms one sided without notifying the customer beforehand. All orders will follow the terms that were applied at the moment of purchase, visible at Biostrap Europe’s website. All changes are immediate unless otherwise specified. The latest terms can always be found on the website. The customers will not necessarily be informed individually of these changes. The customer needs to always read and accept the terms before any purchase.

2. Customer rights and responsibilities

Biostrap Europe sells products to private people who are of age (later on referred to as consumer) and to people under the age of 18 years with the approval of their legal guardians. Ordering via any credit purchase method by a person under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited.

Biostrap Europe can also sell to organizations and other business partners with a contract that is drawn up per transaction directly with the buyer.

By ordering through Biostrap Europe the buyer creates user account at the store. The customer is responsible for providing the most up-to-date and accurate information to the seller, as well as being responsible for any errors in the information. How the information will be handled and secured by Biostrap Europe will be further elaborated under the privacy policy of Biostrap Europe. You can find this policy in these conditions under point 2.1

The customer has access to his or her account at any time. He or she can view current order status and / or purchased products.

The customer is liable for the confidentiality of his login details and will not give this information to someone else. All information relating to the log-in data must be protected by the customer, and all documents containing this information must be retained, so that external parties do not have access to them. Inability to comply with this condition will result in an obligation of paying for any purchases made by another person with details of the account holder.

The customer can be asked to evaluate ordered items or to answer other questionnaires. The customer is not obliged to answer these requests or to respond to the questionnaires.

Any damage to goods that has been noticed when receiving the item must be passed on to the seller, Biostrap Europe, without undue delay. Damage reported after 14 days of receipt will be considered as not due to wrong handling by the sender or the courier. With exceptions, this will be looked at by customer service on a case-by-case basis and handled with the customer.

Any user account that has been used in violation of the conditions can be deactivated without any warning.

2.1 Privacy policy

The privacy policy that is part of these terms can be viewed from: https://biostrap.eu/en/content/6-privacy-policy

2.2 Information deletion request

Request to delete any customer information will be handled in accordance to these terms, and the request will be fulfilled in accordance to the Danish law and EU regulations regarding private information, and as fast as possible.

3. Products and prices

All prices displayed on the website include all taxes but excluding shipping costs, unless clearly stated otherwise. All product descriptions are as accurate as possible, with information directly received from the publisher or manufacturer. If the price of the product is not correct, the product is not sold if it can be assumed that the customer can understand that the price is not correct and thus misuses the wrong price.

Product photos are for illustration purposes only. The photos can not fully match the state or the nature or origin of the item. Biostrap Europe is not responsible for the information provided by third parties.

Items will be sold at the price agreed upon upon confirmation of the order.

4. Payment

You can pay in the following ways of payment VISA, MasterCard or Visa Electron. All payments are made in euros.

Biostrap Europe is a Danish company, so some cards may prevent a small fee being charged for making purchases from an international trader. This is an amount that will be charged by the card issuer and NOT by Biostrap Europe. Some banks only charge you for expenses if a foreign currency is used - that is, expenses are charged for switching euros to a foreign currency. However, this depends on your bank or card issuer.

For questions about your Biostrap Europe invoice, please contact our customer service.

Retention of title: Until the full amount of a product has been paid, the product remains the property of Biostrap Europe.

You will receive an email as soon as we have sent your order. Any objection must be made within 4 working days after receipt of this email. Payments with a debit card are always protected against misuse. You have the option to reject the payment when you receive your payment history. In the unlikely event that your card is misused in an internet shop that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in its payment system, you will be fully protected and any damage will be compensated. So you are better protected than in the physical world.

The details you enter in connection with the payment of a purchase via a credit card are encrypted (SSL). Neither Biostrap Europe or others have the possibility to read the information you provide.

When using a VISA, MasterCard or Visa Electron, your card will only be credited when the goods are in stock and ready to be sent to you. Due to the way in which Solo and Maestro cards are processed by the banks, we are obliged to make the payment in advance and regardless of whether an item is in stock or not to be collected.

For all types of cards and payments, we can only collect the amount that you have approved for the one that you have ordered. You can never be charged a larger amount than the amount that you have authorized and approved.

IMPORTANT! On your payment summary you can see the name Medgear IVS when you purchase. Biostrap Europe is the trade name of Medgear IVS.

5. Delivery and transport

Biostrap Europe delivers throughout Europe, the average delivery time will vary from product to product, but you can always see the expected delivery time of the product.

All shipping times are estimates made on the basis of the information provided to Biostrap Europe by the couriers used to ship goods, and the information received from the producers and issuers of the goods.

The delivery time depends on the availability of the product. The expected delivery times are 4-6 working days from the date of shipment, but this may take longer if circumstances beyond our control disrupt the postal services.

Missing or delayed products: Please note that we have to wait 15 days before we are able to trace the products, replace them or return the lost products.

If the product is not in stock, the delivery time will depend on the time it takes to receive the goods from our suppliers.

After a product has been sent, we will send a notification to you by e-mail. The e-mail is generated automatically. Once you have received your shipment confirmation email, it means that we have packed, shipped and invoiced the order to the address stated on your account. If after 4 working days from the date of receiving the confirmation email you have not received the order, please contact our customer service to start an investigation. If you do not contact us, we will see the order delivered as successful after 5 business days. If the customer does not receive an order confirmation or delivery within 2 weeks, the customer is no longer bound by his or her order.

If a shipment is lost or delayed as a result of entering incorrect or incorrect information about the order on Biostrap.co, Biostrap.co.uk or Biostrap.eu, will Biostrap Europe not be liable under all circumstances.

If a shipment is delivered to a pick-up location, the customer is responsible for retrieving the mail within the indicated hold time of the pick-up location. Packages must be collected personally and usually require a photo ID to be handed over.

6. Cancellation right

The customer can cancel any unsettled order through his or her Biostrap Europe account. Successfully canceled orders are refunded to the customer. A cancellation request can also be made by contacting the Biostrap Europe customer service and by giving a written notification of the request for cancellation, either via e-mail or via the support chat function. After giving the request for cancellation to an employee of Biostrap Europe it can take up to 48 hours before the order is canceled, in this period it may be that the order has already been sent, making the cancellation impossible.

Orders that are canceled in time by the customer through their Biostrap Europe account, but that have already been sent will not be considered canceled.

7. Return right

You have the right to return your purchase based on your rights as a consumer. The product must be returned in nearly the same condition and quantity as when you received it.

Under your rights as a consumer, you have the right to return the product, for example you can refuse the delivery or return your purchase, on condition that the return is sent to us within 14 days after you receive it, in the original packaging and in almost original condition. To return a product, you must return the item to us within 14 days. The product must be returned in a sturdy and protective packaging. If you wish to make use of this right, you pay for the shipment of the product to us.

Please note that the product you are returning must be in an unused condition because the use of the product means a significant deterioration of the value of the product and it can no longer be considered as being in its original state by putting it into service. It is also a requirement that the goods are returned intact and in the original packaging in which the products were delivered. The lack of or damaged original packaging may lead to the lapse of your rights.

A product that has been put into use can not be sold as new and is therefore not in the same condition as on delivery. If you have taken the item from the original packaging, your rights will expire in the context of the purchase agreement.

Upon receipt of the returned goods, all items will be checked to see if they meet the conditions for the return policy / procedure. A refund or replacement will be processed as quickly as possible.

Returned goods must be sent to:

Biostrap Europe
Engholm Soevej 6
7400 Denmark

When you return your products to us, make sure that you receive a proof of shipment from your local post office. Pack the goods properly to prevent damage. Biostrap Europe is not liable for damage caused by poor or careless packaging.

Return shipments are not accepted if they are to be picked up by the seller at a pick-up location. The customer is responsible for all aspects related to shipments that are not sent directly to the seller.

PLEASE NOTE: an order that has been rejected and returned to the sender is not considered as legally returned. In accordance with EU law, the seller must always be informed of the return, so that the refusal can be considered as a cancellation of the order.

8. Liability for errors

Biostrap Europe reserves the right to charge all costs caused by the customer or as a result of customer actions or the lack of actions to the customer. These include, but are not exclusive to additional shipping costs, missing content, and unreasonable delay.

If you notice any extra costs, Biostrap Europe will inform the customer about the costs without undue delay.

A defective product sent to Biostrap Europe for repair or to be returned will be inspected and the possible error will be confirmed. After receipt of the product, the inspection process takes 3-5 working days. Each successive repair procedure can take up to 30 days, or even longer, depending on the article in question and the procedure of the respective manufacturer.

Damage can only be reimbursed up to the price of the original item. The reimbursement can also be lower.

Any damage caused by the use of the product in an unintended manner or without consulting the manual, if it had been provided for, or if the damage was caused by intent, the damage will not be compensated. When opening a product, the warranty will expire, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.

Biostrap Europe will not reimburse an order if the defect is due to an error in the original material. If a defect is subject to interpretation of the responsibility for the defect, the responsibility lies with the customer.

Modifications of the product by third parties will invalidate any repair service.

Biostrap Europe does not compensate direct or indirect damage as a result of a defect.

Defective items sent to Biostrap Europe for repairs will, if not reclaimed, be recycled after 3 months. The customer will be informed about the status of the repair via e-mail.

The 3 month period is also applied to all shipments sent to the seller with insufficient information to identify the shipment.

If the customer returns a product to Biostrap Europe for repair, but the product is either not defective or the damage is caused by the customer, Biostrap Europe will return the product to the customer. Biostrap Europe reserves the right to charge the customer for unnecessary or unjustified work and for the administrative paperwork per product. Repair prices start from € 35 (+ VAT) for each 30 min per repair per product started.

9. Extra services

Biostrap Europe sometimes offers special services, which are not displayed on the website, in accordance with the customer.

For all special orders, custom items, and any special services, the customer has no cancellation or return on the right. A special order that has already been started will be charged if a cancellation occurs after confirmation of the order, but prior to delivery to the customer. We try to stop all work as soon as possible after the cancellation.

10. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction in a dispute

All disputes will initially be resolved with a contract between the seller after negotiations with the seller's customer service. In a dispute the seller will follow the Danish law and the principles of the Danish Ombudsman, or any other European country decision with regard to the dispute.

The customer has the right to dispute any point in these terms and conditions. Any dispute regarding these conditions or how they are interpreted or applied will be resolved exclusively by Danish law, at the nearest court of Biostrap Europe.

Last updated on: May 11, 2019